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We have first-hand experience on the challenges, so the story and the philosophy of our team are mostly solution-oriented.

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Our Story

The idea was born from a profound reflection on a long first-hand experience within Better Business consulting firm, from which our Khibraty team have emerged

The conceptualization of the platform came as a result to facing obstacles while analyzing scalability models for Better Business, where we had a problem finding accessible, feasible & immediate experts to fulfill the needs of clients. At that point, we decided to create a web app that could support us along with businesses facing similar problems. We aimed at a user-friendly, secure & smart platform; that provides suitable experts using machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms; to put it in the hands of our clientele and partners, helping them survive and grow in the market. 

Later, the COVID-19 outbreak forced businesses to stay at home, adding up a new layer to the original premise. Companies and consumers started looking for experts and consultants to help them through the current situation and beyond, and with many questions about the business culture shape shifting post-2020, after the pandemic, such as climate change and any other crises. This was enough confirmation of the fact that we were on the right track, and of how we can bring value to the business world by linking high quality experts to their customers efficiently, remotely & skillfully

Our motivation is to build Khibraty as the international matchmaking solution you were looking for, and much more! We started the conceptualization from a 0 model, followed by much deeper and intensive analysis, and created multiple versions and MVPs, before reaching Khibraty. But we know for a fact that we are not stopping here, as we intend to develop this platform to cope with all current and future business needs.

Khibraty Story

Our Philosophy

We aim to help organizations achieve their project objectives by connecting them to experts who are capable, accessible, affordable and culturally adept through our online platform. Be it for local projects in the MENA region, or across the world. The philosophy behind our services is based on fulfilling current and future customer needs and on the local market knowhow, keeping in mind international business standards. We hold high regard to the fact that we provide a leading online English and Arabic platform in the MENA Region that empowers experts to provide their services to customers in need. As a cherry on top, we always consider the accelerated changes in business culture, technology, and practices, due to all contemporaneous issues around the globe

We are confident that we can serve our community members simply because we are:

Values Team Respect

About us


We know where the future of business culture is heading, and we are determined to take you there with the finest technology at your service!


No need to waste time, energy, and resources while we can help take you RIGHT where you need to go


Khibraty’s team have decades’ worth of expertise in consulting, training and connecting business professionals successfully


Our community members operate all over the world, with focused attention on the Middle East and North Africa



While adopting the best modern global practices, we understand how important it is to offer custom-tailored services, made just for you 

Our team

We have more than 60 years of combined expertise in business development, technology, consultancy and training, with complementarity of experience among our young dynamic associates and mature experienced ones, diversity of gender, professional backgrounds and types of personalities 

Our massive network of business contacts and experts from all around the globe, and all the countries from which we operate, introduces the members to potential international opportunities while they have regionally focused experience

We are realistically visionary, with one eye on the future of technology and business, and the other on current world changes


Abeer Qumsieh

General Manager

A Learner by heart and consultant by mind. Owns a can do attitude and breathes accomplishment. “No” is not in her dictionary. A believer in the power of change towards a better world, one consultant at a time one business at a time. Both are the engines that will provide the better future.



Caroline Ayoub

Operations & Marketing

A motivator with a friendly smile and a nurturing spirit. A high-performance results-driven dynamo for business teams. She has international experience, a restless, inquisitive mind and a natural drive to overcome any challenge. Skilled at designing high-impact actions that support global growth, for businesses and for people.



Iyad Kallas

Research & Development

A passionate engineer of ideas who strives to measure-up to the rumor which says that he is a polymath dabbler. He has almost two decades of international experience working around people and machines, innovating technical human-centered solutions for all kinds of problems, be it in the business realms or social contexts. 



Suhail Jouaneh

Learning & Growth

Dental Surgeon by profession, Mindset Surgeon by passion. Motivated & personable executive coach and learning promoter. Organized thousands of workshops and trained more than 30,000 people from over 40 countries around the world. “Guru of Creativity” when it comes to designing organizational development programs. Dots the “i”s & crosses the “t”s. 


Elizabeth Jouaneh

The Apprentrepreneur (Apprentice Entrepreneur)

A student vigorous spirit with a DNA made of energy and enthusiasm, a thirst to apply the learned and a will to change the world. She aspires to “entrepreneur” in a universe full of challenges and new experiences, as she knows that diamonds shine brighter under pressure. 


Noor Abdalhadi

Marketing & Communication

A communication specialist who believes that communication is a lifestyle where all parties can connect, interact, and learn from each other. Her passion and aspirations are not limited by time or place as sky is always her limit.



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