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What makes Khibraty a great place is the contribution of all of its community members, network associates, and partners.

Expertise Providers

An international wide network of multidisciplinary and qualified consultants, specialized experts, certified trainers and other executive business professionals, putting all of their expertise and skills within the community’s hands, prepared to work efficiently in the MENA region, and ready to push any kind of project towards success.

Service Seekers

Individual project owners, startups, small and medium enterprises, and even large corporations and non-profit organizations; who put their trust in Khibraty’s matchmaking engine to connect them with the right experts that can guide them through fulfilling their business needs, no matter the challenges and obstacles on the way.

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Expertise providers

Wide network of consultants, trainers, business experts and strategists


Success Stories

Numerous completed successful projects and collaborations that saw the light


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Proud to see how satisfied all business partners are


In community we trust.

A solid network of partners, experts and business partners


What our clients say.

Highly recommended due to the excellent service, great experts, and wide range of competitive prices proposed by the bidders. I found a vast variety of professional and qualified experts on Khibraty with many options to choose from.

Ramez Qubain

General Manager – Jwico

It is a fantastic experience to register for a freelance independent consultant, like myself! The interface is genuine, the connection with the client was smooth, and the support team was wonderful helping me when I had an issue with the payment

Manal Badran

Independent Expert

You have made the right decision if you came to Khibraty looking for qualified experts who can serve your business needs. Bidding functions  are great and easy to use, and it’s easy to find the most appropriate matching expert for your requirements

Nadim Haddad

General Manager – Toyota

Amazed by the intelligent recommendation engine! and I liked how technology was used to transform the painful experience of finding experts into a user friendly and easy-to-navigate interface. It works with my budget and the support team was there to help when I needed

Zeid Fanous

Partner – Tadreebat